Safeguarding Events: Preventing Juice Jacking Risks

The primary goal for events is to create memorable and seamless experiences for attendees. However, in our increasingly connected world, it's crucial to be aware of potential cybersecurity threats that can compromise the security and privacy of event guests. One such threat is juice jacking, a technique used by cybercriminals to exploit public charging stations [...]

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Happy National Meeting Planners Appreciation Day!

National Meeting Planners Appreciation Day is a day dedicated to recognizing the hard work and dedication of meeting planners across the country. These professionals are responsible for coordinating and organizing events, conferences, and meetings of all sizes, from small business meetings to large-scale conventions. Meeting planners are the unsung heroes of the events industry, working [...]

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Key to Successful Multiple Breakout Session Events

Last week we successfully produced a meeting for 800 attendees, with over 55 breakout rooms, 8 general session sized rooms and a resource fair. We wanted to share feedback from our great team on how we executed an event of this size and what it takes to make it a success. Pre-event Create and build [...]

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How and Why Customer-Centric Event Production Works Backwards

Customer centricity is all the rage these days but what is it exactly and how can it benefit you? Simply put, customer centricity means putting the customer and their needs at the center of an organization’s heart and mind. Practically, this means making decisions with customer interests as the priority. Making this happen requires starting [...]

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Partner or vendor, which will it be?

Do you see your event production provider as a partner or a vendor? There is a difference. Vendors deliver products. They are all about transactions. You make an order, they deliver. While it is simple, it also puts most of the work on the buyer. Vendors may do the lifting, but the buyer must do [...]

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Three Things to Consider as You Plan Your Events

While in-person events are extremely effective and preferred by many event organizers, they are not always the best fit for every objective. And while we at innoVia crave the full return of in-person events, it is important to know that virtual options can be better options depending on more effective depending upon the event objectives, [...]

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Plan for Change

The pandemic continues and the last thing you probably want to see is something else mentioning it. However, fear not, this will not be focused on pandemic woe, rather, we’re going to look at flexibility, a key skill businesses should have learned over the last two years of what has seemed like constant change. In [...]

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