We had a great time at Pharma Forum in NYC last week. It was great to have planners, suppliers and hoteliers all together in one space to discuss the full return of in-person events. Here are some of our key takeaways from the week:

  • Face-to-face meetings are back in full force! Everyone is excited and busy planning for the coming year. Planners are looking for ways to elevate their meetings, especially when it comes to engagement and ROI.


  • We learned that most planners believe the largest value to an SMM program is to enhance operational efficiency. Mike and Tori did an amazing job in their session. There were so many valuable insights!
  • There is more opportunity than ever to incorporate engagement into meetings that measure data and bring value to your SMM program.
  • Millennials now take up the majority of the workforce, and they have a newfound appreciation for in-person interactions post pandemic.


  • More than ever, companies are relying on or looking for a strategic relationship with their partners and suppliers.


Highlight of the event: Thayne Jasperson from the original Hamilton on Broadway performed Emily Scott’s favorite song from the musical at the opening session (You’ll Be Back)