Last week we successfully produced a meeting for 800 attendees, with over 55 breakout rooms, 8 general session sized rooms and a resource fair.

We wanted to share feedback from our great team on how we executed an event of this size and what it takes to make it a success.


  • Create and build out a detailed flexible plan before you arrive, knowing that it will have to be adjusted on-site. Plan should include roles and responsibilities per each area of the venue/meeting room. Walking in, everyone should understand the scope of the program and what role they will play.
  • Building a cohesive team makes everything easier and smoother on-site. It is important to be able to lean on one another and rely on each other strong suits. Know, trust and delegate!  If the job is too big for one person, divide and conquer.


  • Communicate effectively internally and externally; keep the client, leaders, team, partners, and venue in the loop on all changes.
  • The client should have a singular, well defined, open path of communication with the Event Producer. The producer will know who is responsible for that area and direct the team accordingly.
  • Be Flexible and adaptable. Things will change, and it is important to have a team around you who can quickly adapt and take charge when needed.
  • Track progress and results in real time.

Post event

  • Much like load in, load out needs a clear and well-established plan. All equipment accounted for, included the smallest detail or extension cord.
  • Acknowledge the team and the hard work that goes into a large event.
  • Ensure you work with all parties to receive positive feedback or where improvement can be made. As with being adaptable, it is also important to recognize where you may be able to learn and grow from after an event.