As a company with remote workers nationwide, we all have personal preferences for our home office. Here we share our top 8 favorite essential items that you might need for working from home:

  1. Coffee, caffeine, café. Having a good coffee/espresso machine to get your day started was a favorite for most of our team. We also recommend having water on hand; it’s important to stay hydrated!
  2. U-shaped or L-shaped desk with space to work on both computer-focused and non-computer focused tasks. This also helps keep your workspace organized.
  3. Second monitor. With access to two screens, you can organize your workload and be more productive with that extra room to spread programs and documents.
  4. Comfortable and ergonomic office chair to help reduce strain on your body while working long hours.
  5. Good lighting that is easy on your eyes, reducing eye strain and headaches
  6. Headphones for clear communication and a speaker/record player to listen to your favorite music while focusing.
  7. A well-stocked pantry and meal-prepped lunches. This helps you save time, reduce stress, and keep you away from junk food.
  8. Motivational painting, photo or quote to keep you inspired and smiling during the day.

Remember, everyone’s work-from-home needs are different;  it’s important to assess what tools you need to optimize your productivity and comfort in your home office space.