Recently, innoVia Productions was proud to successfully support a loyal customer in their return to in-person events with a hybrid meeting that, given all that’s transpired over the last 18 months, presented a few new challenges.


One initial hurdle to cross was ensuring Covid-19 and social distancing protocols met or exceeded all customer and venue needs. This required careful planning as each day was met with testing for all staff, regularly scheduled mask changes, and post event testing and contact tracing. In addition, to accommodate safe seating, nearly 27 drawing revisions were provided to the customer demonstrating various arrangements with appropriate social distancing.


“Ensuring seating counts are met without giving up ideal viewing and listening positions has become somewhat of a specialty at innoVia. The ability to quickly turnaround drawing revisions with various seating options and rethinking conventional approaches to seating and AV design will be key in navigating pandemic-era planning.”

Chris Lopez, Director of Production

hybrid-tech-350As far as the production, the general session consisted of relatively standard fare with dual screens, stage and decorative lighting, and furniture for panel discussion of C-suite presenters, however, that is where “standard” ended. Due to seating-capacity limitations, a smaller version of the set had to be duplicated in additional ballrooms and wired for bidirectional simulcasting. This set-up was necessary so that presenters could interact with all in-person attendees as well as those participating on Zenevent, innoVia’s virtual platform.

Finally, given that, for some, presenting to simultaneous in-person and virtual attendees was a foreign territory, innoVia brought an experienced team of Event Producers and Technical Directors to direct and guide presenters on best practices for speaking and engaging both audiences. This resulted in maximum engagement and a successful experience for all.

At innoVia, it is this attention to detail from planning to production and a keen focus on the needs of the customer and their audience that are the keys to success. If you would like to learn more about how innoVia can help you produce events that achieve your goals, contact us.