innoVia Celebrates A Return to In-Person Events with Style

Recently, innoVia Productions was proud to successfully support a loyal customer in their return to in-person events with a hybrid meeting that, given all that’s transpired over the last 18 months, presented a few new challenges. One initial hurdle to cross was ensuring Covid-19 and social distancing protocols met or exceeded all customer and [...]

How to Energize Your Virtual Meetings

We all have heard of “Zoom Gloom”. Why are virtual meetings much more tiring than in-person meetings? In this article, we look at what can cause the fatigue in the virtual world of events and share some ideas on how to address them for a better experience. FOCUSED ATTENTION IS HARD WORK Virtual meetings [...]

Does Finding an AV Provider Give You Anxiety? Here Are Some Things to Help With the Process.

Finding an AV partner can seem like a daunting task. At innoVia, we know this, so we created a list of things to do to help better ensure a good experience. Doing these things will help you navigate the options and make a good choice for your event. Be sure the provider understands your [...]

Virtual Events Make Measuring ROI Easy. Here’s How.

Whether you are an event planner, an executive business leader, or a presenter, you want to know if your events produce a return on investment (ROI) regardless of the type of event. It is important to know if the event was successful and if it was worth the output of energy, time, and/or money. [...]

Finding Yourself With In-Person Event Challenges? A Virtual Pivot Can Be Easier Than You Think.

While the outlook remains good for emerging from the pandemic, there are still a lot of concerns, so some organizations are rethinking their short-term event plans. This has left many people with the task of pivoting from an in-person environment to a virtual one quickly. If this is where you are right now, here [...]

Digital Event Experience: Lessons Learned from Attending a Virtual Conference

innoVia’s Director of Marketing, Edyta Skiba, attended a large online conference. We asked her about her experience, and she had a lot to say about the impact of design and planning on the attendee experience. Edy, tell us about the event. The conference was an all-virtual sales and marketing training event held over 3 [...]

Planning an Event? Whether In-Person, Hybrid or Virtual, Here Are Some Technical Things to Think About.

Wondering about technical considerations for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events? Here are some answers from Chris Lopez, Director of Production at innoVia Productions. What are the top three technical considerations a meeting planner should make to ensure a successful in-person event? Bring your production partner into the planning and development phase early on. Their [...]

In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid – Which Is Best for Your Event? Here Is a Short Guide.

How do I decide whether an in-person, hybrid or virtual meeting is the best choice? This question is being voiced a lot these days, especially considering where we are with Covid, its new variants, and the great unknown of what is coming next. Here are a few considerations to help you make the right [...]

Virtual Meetings Not Interactive? They Can Be.

There is a misconception among many meeting planners that there isn’t much face-to-face interaction in a virtual space. While it is true that much of the virtual interacting people typically experience is one-way communication like a webinar or lecture-style presentation, there are multiple options available for two-way interactions. Think chat, Q&A, polling, discussion forums, [...]

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