What does consistency in event production mean to you?

You may think consistency means using the same equipment at every event to replicate the experience down to the last pixel. But I’ve never been asked about the make and model of a room’s projector. The event planners I work with know that while the caliber of equipment is important, consistency isn’t found in model numbers — especially when outsourcing.

Consistency simply means using strong, repeatable processes to maintain a high level of value.

Challenges for Maintaining Consistency Through Outsourcing

Many outsourcing companies in the live event industry function as order-takers and equipment providers. They arrive on event day to drop off equipment with a local technician and then hit the road. They don’t know your meeting’s ins and outs — nor do they care.

These types of businesses don’t work for our clients, who execute high-level meetings with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of stakeholders. Order-taking outsourced companies are simply unprepared to deliver the consistency you need to pull off an excellent event.

This just spurs more stress for event planners. Instead of trusting that there’s a strong event technology team behind them, they have to explain the whole meeting in five minutes to someone they’ve never met before, then run off to complete a million other tasks.

At innoVia, we know firsthand that having an outsourced team you can trust makes all the difference — we outsource, too! We’re masters at finding the best partners who deliver consistent, five-star experiences globally.

Here’s what our process looks like:

Creating Consistency at innoVia Productions

We achieve consistency by following clear processes for selecting, vetting, and working with outsourced partners. The professionals we partner with represent us, so we only work with outsourced teams that provide the same quality of service we do.

Part of our process is relationship-building. Our team members have decades of experience in the live events industry, so they come to innoVia with connections in every market. Once we’re in a specific city, no matter what continent we’re on, we find the best of the best to execute flawless events.

We also provide consistency through dedicated account managers. Once you start working with us, you work with the same account manager for every event.

We also offer pricing consistency. Thanks to our budget-conscious account managers, you pay the same price for an event in Tennessee as you do for an event in Taiwan.

Finally, we rely on airtight, tried-and-true processes for sourcing talent and training new hires. This guarantees that our white-glove service is top-quality across all events, clients, and markets.

Our Advice for Event Planners

Want to deliver a consistent experience to repeat clients and their stakeholders? Rather than getting lost in the details, prioritize building a strong relationship with your outsourced partners.

Here are four ways to start:

Learn About Your Partner

Pay attention to the questions your partner asks, or lack thereof. Are they interested in getting to know you and your event? Do they communicate well? Are they taking initiative in the pre-planning process by providing multiple proposals and resource options?

At innoVia, we pride ourselves on our level of dedication. We’re not just equipment providers; we’re here to learn the ins and outs of your meeting. Our event producers join monthly or weekly prep calls to help iron out your event’s details. They draw diagrams, work with the venues ahead of time, and prep production teams with everything they need to know.

For example, at a recent event in San Diego, our client requested two confidence monitors and an extra camera for recording, but we didn’t have to discuss details such as lighting and cables. We already knew what our clients needed and made sure they had it.

When everyone takes responsibility and delivers excellence, repeat events stay consistent.

Infographic: Consistency: The Hidden Gem of Outsourcing

Ask About Global Reach

If you want a long-term relationship with a consistent outsourcing partner, prioritize global reach. If you need international support, ensure your partner can deliver excellence wherever you go.


  • Where in the country or world do you operate?
  • What are your global capabilities?
  • How do you create consistent experiences worldwide?
  • Will I work with the same people in different locations?

At innoVia, we operate on six continents and in more than 140 cities. We understand the nuances of outsourcing local event technology and working with overseas venues, so consistency is built into our global processes.

Be Generous With Information

While your partner should ask the right questions, they’ll only be as successful as the knowledge you provide them. They don’t know what they don’t know, so give as much information as you can!

For example, we take extra time to educate our outsourced partners so they’re ready to represent innoVia at every event. We give them everything from high-level agendas and schedules to photos of key stakeholders and presenters. This way, production teams never miss a cue, and events run smoothly and consistently.

Perform Post-Event Evaluations and Documentation

Keep track of all your partners — including event technology, venues, transportation, and food and beverage — so you can provide feedback for your vendors and colleagues.

We do this by constantly taking notes. We comment on what the outsourced partner did well and what could improve, then assign them a rating to store in our database. Notes like these help us determine who to return to and who to avoid in the future.

Consistency vs. Cloning

Now that you know how to create consistency, let’s elaborate on what consistency isn’t.

You can’t take an event in Chicago and copy and paste it in Hong Kong, even if it’s the “same event.” Dozens of variables, from venue to location to attendees, create new challenges in each city. After all, you probably won’t eat a hamburger and fries in Hong Kong!

Harnessing the right insights, knowledge, and resources to meet each meeting’s needs makes the next meeting as smooth as, if not smoother than, the last one.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy partner to create consistent experiences worldwide, reach out to innoVia today.

Quote Card: Consistency: The Hidden Gem of Outsourcing