Innovation can come in many shapes and forms. Most consumers experience innovation as breakthroughs in product improvement or new technology advancements. However, many of the greatest B2B innovations have to do with creative improvements to process and designing agile business models that embrace a market’s ever-changing tendencies.

The first step in providing process innovation is gathering a deep understanding of customers’ struggles and aspirations, and then placing those needs at the center of every decision. It’s a never-ending project of assessment to find business blind spots that can not only cripple an organization but neglect customer needs.

An example of our approach to innovation is Zenevent, our award-winning virtual event platform. When corporate event planners expressed a need for a simple, comprehensive virtual solution to help with the unique demands of the pandemic, we collaborated with them and developed a response.

Innovation is a foundational principle at innoVia Productions. In fact, we operate on a day-to-day basis with an innovative business model for the event services industry focused on providing customers with tailored processes that increase effectiveness, consistency, and efficiency. We are an easy button for cost-effective event technology and consistent white-glove service around the world.