Imagine you are going to an event, and you need an outfit. You go to the clothing store where they help you pick out something for the event and add in some additional accessories to enhance the overall impact.

Now imagine a different approach. You go to the clothing store where a consultant takes the time to learn about the event and your stylistic likes and dislikes. They find an outfit for the event and then ask you about your overall “look.” As you talk, they suggest how you might transform your entire wardrobe to better achieve that “look,” not only for the big event, but for the other parts of your life as well.

While the first example gave you direction, the second example did that and more. The wardrobe consultant took your appearance to a new level by looking at a larger picture than a single event. This aptly describes the difference between event technology management (ETM) and event technology production (ETP).

ETP focuses on individual events and dynamically delivering messages whereas ETM looks at the same objectives but through the larger lens of strategy. This strategic view is about partnering with customers in a different way. It too helps customers deliver critical messages, but it does so as part of a long-term plan that includes multiple stakeholders both internally and externally on different platforms depending on audience, timelines, and strategic goals. ETM is a long-term partnership as opposed to an event-by-event transaction.

This is the way we think at innoVia. We want to make your events successful as part of a larger process with your broader goals at the center.