Event Technology Management vs. Event Technology Production. There Is a Difference and It Matters.

Imagine you are going to an event, and you need an outfit. You go to the clothing store where they help you pick out something for the event and add in some additional accessories to enhance the overall impact. Now imagine a different approach. You go to the clothing store where a consultant takes [...]

Does Finding an AV Provider Give You Anxiety? Here Are Some Things to Help With the Process.

Finding an AV partner can seem like a daunting task. At innoVia, we know this, so we created a list of things to do to help better ensure a good experience. Doing these things will help you navigate the options and make a good choice for your event. Be sure the provider understands your [...]

innoVia Productions Supports NTT at the Indy 500 Auto Race With Their New Technology Called Ultra Reality Viewing (URV)

This past U.S. Memorial Day Weekend, innoVia Productions had the opportunity to provide technical expertise and hardware to facilitate the video capture of the Indianapolis 500 auto race using new technology called Ultra Reality Viewing (URV) from NTT. For those who are not motorsports fans, the Indianapolis 500, is an annual auto race [...]

How Will Automation Affect the Meetings Industry?

Automation has been widely discussed throughout many industries. Many menial and repetitive jobs have incrementally been replaced by automation over the past 20 years+. Every job from cashier to the truck driver is slowly being replaced by self-checkout lanes and self-driving cars. So, how exactly will this trend affect the travel and meetings industry? [...]

Understanding Audio

Managing an event’s audio plan and partnering with AV vendors is a regular part of every Meeting Planner’s job. So why not get to know the audio world a little more? This Understanding Audio series will help you better articulate exactly what equipment you want and comprehensively understand vendor quotes. Vetting Audio Vendors AudioVisual services [...]

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