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Virtual Meetings Not Interactive? They Can Be.

There is a misconception among many meeting planners that there isn’t much face-to-face interaction in a virtual space. While it is true that much of the virtual interacting people typically experience is one-way communication like a webinar or lecture-style presentation, there are multiple options available for two-way interactions. Think chat, Q&A, polling, discussion forums, [...]

How innoVia Productions Successfully Pivoted to Virtual Events Using BlueJeans and Remained Relevant Despite Crisis

The impact of COVID-19 on event company innoVia Productions was sudden. To remain relevant, it had to rethink its business model as quickly as the pandemic had disrupted it. The Dallas-based company produces live events and meetings for companies, making its business one of the hardest hit by the crisis. Fortunately for innoVia, many [...]

innoVia Productions Supports NTT at the Indy 500 Auto Race With Their New Technology Called Ultra Reality Viewing (URV)

This past U.S. Memorial Day Weekend, innoVia Productions had the opportunity to provide technical expertise and hardware to facilitate the video capture of the Indianapolis 500 auto race using new technology called Ultra Reality Viewing (URV) from NTT. For those who are not motorsports fans, the Indianapolis 500, is an annual auto race [...]

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