The impact of COVID-19 on event company innoVia Productions was sudden. To remain relevant, it had to rethink its business model as quickly as the pandemic had disrupted it.

The Dallas-based company produces live events and meetings for companies, making its business one of the hardest hit by the crisis. Fortunately for innoVia, many of its clients are in life sciences — businesses that have been leading the fight against COVID-19. Many of them needed to bring people from different organizations and locations together to discuss urgent vaccine and drug studies, including those for COVID-19. But to complement its old in-person events model, innoVia turned to BlueJeans to integrate into its new virtual event platform, called Zenevent.


innoVia Productions wanted to develop a new business model as COVID-19 restrictions made it impossible to organize in-person events  and meetings.


innoVia switched to virtual events by building its own event platform, Zenevent, and integrating BlueJeans Meetings.


The company successfully pivoted from live events to virtual, enabling it to remain relevant. It grew its number of clients  by more than 31% and its internal workforce by almost 40% in 2020. So far in 2021, it has increased its average event attendance by 157% compared to 2020.

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