“I don’t know.” These are words no customer wants to hear from a service provider.

A knowledgeable team is critical to making customers successful and getting the work of business done. In fact, in just about every book ever written on strategy, the most valuable tool one can possess is knowledge. A knowledgeable team can innovate, solve problems, see into the future and plan for it.

Nowhere is this asset more necessary than the world of event strategy, planning, management, and execution. What type of event should you hold, virtual, hybrid, or in-person? Is in-person always the best? What equipment will be needed? What space will be needed? What platform is best? Do you have enough bandwidth? Should it be a travelling show? What is the most effective agenda strategy? These are just a few of the myriad questions that must be answered and those don’t even touch on environmental, political, economic, and social factors. Hence the reason why a knowledgeable event management team is so key to your success.

At innoVia Productions, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with not only technology but all facets of event production including strategy and design for all types of events and meetings. We believe our customers’ success is not just about an event, it is about what an event is meant to do. And to achieve that requires knowledge of not only the things that make a specific event work but also how meetings fit into an overall scheme to achieve larger goals over the long term.