World-class technicians can level up any live event, but at investigator meetings, they aren’t a luxury; they’re absolutely essential.

Anyone who’s hosted an investigator meeting believes wholeheartedly in Murphy’s law: anything that can go wrong will go wrong. A high-quality technician anticipates last-minute problems and tackles them head-on. They pull from their wealth of experience to adjust strategies on the fly, leaving your attendees none the wiser. Experienced technicians also ensure the investigator meeting meets all regulatory and legal requirements, none of which are negotiable.

The stakes may be high at investigator meetings, but world-class technicians, including a stellar graphics person, guarantee success.

Infographic: Why You Need World-Class Technicians (Audio and Graphics) in Your Investigator Meetings

Investigator Meetings: The Challenges

Investigator meetings have higher stakes than other live events. They’re an important part of the FDA approval process for new drugs, so the host and attendees may feel pressured to succeed — and that pressure isn’t the only challenge.

Predictable Unpredictability

Investigator meetings are the fussy in-laws of the event planning world: they’re unpredictable and require special knowledge and finesse to handle.

Unlike workshops, award shows, and product launches, investigator meetings are unscripted. Because drug patents expire rapidly, a potent sense of urgency pervades the event, shared by a strange cast of characters including finicky doctors, jet-lagged attendees, and experts who may not be adept presenters.

For an untrained tech, it’s a tough crowd. But for an experienced tech, it’s a piece of cake.

Everyone Participates

Investigator meetings feature an array of speakers, not all of whom are on the initial roster. Every attendee is a potential participant and presenter.

During presentations, members of the audience ask questions. They interact with presenters and each other. Additionally, presenters invite subject matter experts to the stage to speak. If the right microphone isn’t turned on at exactly the right moment, the speaker and attendees feel awkward. That moment of unprofessionalism reflects on the host.

When a presenter invites the expert in charge of a drug trial to speak to the audience, the technicians need to be ready. A fantastic technician can make an improvised moment feel completely planned.

Last-Minute Additions

It’s not only new presenters that technicians need to be ready for.

At investigator meetings, it’s normal for the host to add to the presentation or agenda at the last minute. As with other events, the speeches and slides aren’t prepared weeks ahead of time. The right tech team is adaptable to last-minute changes.


Preparation for any event is important. But when a last-minute advisory board meeting dictates the new talking points for a main presentation, all involved need to be ready to pivot.

Final results and updates may arrive late in the evening or first thing in the morning before a presentation. The technician may have to edit slides in real time while a presentation is happening.

For investigator meetings, this requires an understanding of key terminology on the technician’s part. A baseline understanding ensures that last-minute changes are made accurately and efficiently.

Guidelines and Privacy

When crowds of attendees and presenters talk over one another as organic conversations unfold, there’s only one chance to capture the best audio recording. And there’s no room for interpretation.

World-class technicians know how to meet FDA guidelines by producing clear audio recordings and precise transcriptions, all while protecting confidential information.

Quote: Why You Need World-Class Technicians (Audio and Graphics) in Your Investigator Meetings

How World-Class Technicians Respond to Challenges

World-class technicians will handle any of the aforementioned challenges with the right mix of urgency and patience. Here’s how they’ll do it:

Event Flow

Experienced technicians understand the flow of your investigator meeting. The equipment gets set up correctly the first time. Last-minute changes and requests are easily accommodated, and flexibility is the name of the game. When you need extra inputs on the video switcher or more mics during a Q&A session, a world-class tech is already on top of it.

Experienced techs are comfortable around doctors and have an easy rapport with even the most qualified experts. And, of course, they understand how to handle confidential information. Nothing is more important than client privacy, particularly when it comes to investigator meetings.

Graphics and Other Technical Skills

Some of the most common last-minute requests at investigator meetings relate to graphics and formatting: reformatting presentation slides from a thumb drive, converting a file from a Mac to a PC, etc.

That’s why your technician must have superior graphics and live editing skills. The best of the best lean on their technical skills and knowledge of medical terminology to modify slides and change the speaker lineup.

Technical audio skills are equally important. Precise recording software and the ability to adjust levels in real time yield the most accurate result that isn’t fatiguing to the ears.

Need an Experienced Tech? We Can Help

Live events are exciting because they’re unpredictable. An experienced team of world-class technicians keeps that unpredictability from causing panic and alarm.

Here at innoVia, we’re proud that our clients come to us for our unmatched experience. We understand the unique demands of investigator meetings and know just what to prioritize.

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