The pandemic continues and the last thing you probably want to see is something else mentioning it. However, fear not, this will not be focused on pandemic woe, rather, we’re going to look at flexibility, a key skill businesses should have learned over the last two years of what has seemed like constant change.

In the event world, the flexibility lesson is being taught almost daily. With new variants of the virus presenting themselves, meeting people in person is continually being challenged and is causing events to be postponed or moved into the virtual world at a moment’s notice. This rapid shifting of gears can be a difficulty for many event technology providers because so many of them have most of their eggs in either the in-person production basket or the virtual one. It is a rare breed that can quickly move between these different formats with relative ease.

As you are planning your meetings and events, be sure to ask this question, “If, due to the unforeseen dynamics of the pandemic environment, we have to pivot from an in-person event to a virtual event, can you do it without a lot of pain?” If they say yes, ask for an example of how they’ve done it. Many will wilt at this point and try to divert your attention, but not at innoVia.

At the outset of planning your event, we start with a recommendation to plan for both options, and because we have a dedicated virtual platform, Zenevent, planning for such an eventuality is relatively painless. So, with plan in hand, if a pivot call comes, our experienced team can jump into action to put together the right options and make the moves that will turn the disappointment of canceling an in-person event into the joy of being able to engage your audience in a new way.