We at innoVia Productions are proud to be a customer-centric business. We weigh every decision based on whether it helps our customers achieve their goals.

When we do this, success is inevitable.

How Customer-Centricity Improves ROI

A customer-first business model differs from the traditional approach to event production.

The average event production company owns its technology. Inevitably, this presents a conflict of interest — the company is incentivized to push its inventory and maximize its bottom line, compromising the customer’s needs.

When the customer’s needs aren’t prioritized, their ROI suffers:

  • Customers pay for equipment and technology they don’t need. If a service doesn’t contribute to the event’s goals, it wastes money.
  • Standardized processes are inflexible. It’s difficult to accommodate unique needs or last-minute changes.
  • Pre-planning and consulting services are nearly nonexistent. Customers second-guess their decisions without these conversations, and better options aren’t explored or implemented.
  • It’s not a true partnership because trust is never established. Without trust, the customer has no peace of mind.

Thankfully, today’s corporate event customers know better than to accept one-size-fits-all solutions.

Customer expectations shifted after the pandemic, especially when corporate event companies leveraged new options, such as hybrid events, to reach a broader audience. Customers know creative, flexible options are available and want to take advantage. We at innoVia make that easy.

Infographic: A Customer-Centric Approach to the Corporate Meeting and Event Industry

How innoVia Is Structured

As a customer-centric company, we want to be our customers’ “easy” button.

We begin planning each event with the end in mind, starting with why the customer is having the event. We ask questions that help us understand our customers’ needs and goals, and then offer the right solutions to achieve those goals.

Our company is deliberately structured to put the customer first. Here’s how:

1. We Lead With Empathy

Empathy is our North Star and business philosophy. We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes to learn their needs and build trust.

Sometimes, customers ask for what they think they need, but it won’t accomplish their event’s objectives. In these situations, we act as consultants, identifying the right tech solution for their goals — not our bottom line.

Our customers trust us to have their best interests at heart. Without empathy, we don’t earn their trust.

2. We’re Technology-Agnostic

Because we don’t own our equipment or technology, we have the flexibility to find the best tech option that fits the customer’s unique needs. If our customer needs X, we don’t try to sell them Y. We only provide what the customer needs to achieve their event’s goals.

We have a globally local (“glocal”) approach. We source our equipment and labor from strategically partnered vendors worldwide to eliminate inventory and personnel overhead costs.

We’re always looking for the latest and greatest tech solutions, but only if they fulfill our customers’ genuine needs. If they don’t, we’re not interested.

3. We Personalize Our Planning and Execution

We personalize our entire event planning and execution process to meet each customer’s needs, including our:

  • Communication style. We accommodate customer preferences for emails or calls and touch base as often as necessary so that the customer feels confident about the planning progress.
  • Team structure. We design our processes to work within the customer’s team structure. We don’t push a certain style of project management on our customers.
  • Innovation. As the industry evolves, we evolve with it. We stay on top of cutting-edge technology and tailor recommendations for each event, such as audience engagement tools, streaming and hybrid offerings, and immersive technologies based on shared interests.

Through personalization, we can better accomplish each customer’s goals and achieve a greater ROI.

4. We Include the Customer in the Entire Process

We include each customer throughout the entire journey, from an event’s conception to its conclusion. We apply our customer-centric practices at each touchpoint, starting the moment the customer interacts with our brand.

After the event’s conclusion, we send the customer a survey. What worked? What didn’t? What can we improve? How can we enhance the next event? Were we easy to work with? Would you recommend our services to a colleague? How can we serve you better?

We review the results, discuss them with the customer, and implement the feedback.

Quote: A Customer-Centric Approach to the Corporate Meeting and Event Industry

Final Thoughts

A customer-centric approach empowers us to advocate for our customers’ needs. Because we deeply understand their goals, we operate as a one-stop partnership. We’re committed to their long-term success.

This is how innoVia is different. And it makes all the difference. If you’d like to produce an event perfectly catered to your needs, reach out today.