Do You Have an On-Site Safety Checklist?

Account Manager and Technical Director conducting an on-site safety checklist.

Safety is crucial. How do you keep attendees, speakers, planners, vendors, and venue staff safe? One simple action you can start today is to implement a safety checklist during on-site setup.

We developed the list below for our staff to use on show site. We inform the meeting planner/venue if we find an issue and then correct it or bring it to the attention of someone who can. Ask your vendors to go through a safety checklist and report back to you.

Use, modify, and adapt this list!

Event Setup Safety Checklist

Learn about the Venue

  • Introduce yourself to venue’s security and get contact information
  • Review venue’s emergency and evacuation plans
  • Familiarize yourself with venue’s electrical wiring and circuit loads
  • Confirm that number of attendees does not exceed room maximum
  • Confirm that banquet set does not interfere with evacuation path/exits

Communicate and Implement Safety Items

  • Communicate job safety expectations to crew
  • Check that lift drivers have current certification to operate lifts
  • Locate fire alarms
  • Locate fire extinguishers
  • Locate first aid kit (venue may have it locked up)
  • Unlock exit doors and make sure they are clearly marked
  • Attach exit signs to drapes covering doors/exits
  • Sandbag all drape uprights higher than 13’
  • Sandbag ground-supported truss with correct amount of counterweight
  • Use ladders when using lighting trees
  • Remove boxes/cases that are blocking exits, hallways, or stairwells
  • Tape and mark cabling that crosses doors/walkways with caution tape
  • Ensure cabling backstage is neat and there are clear walkways

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