Chances are that all the business meetings you plan have one common goal: to successfully share the organization’s ideas and knowledge. However, a message conveyed in an uninspiring environment will diminish the attendees’ ability to retain information.

You may think that the basic AV setup of projector, screen, pipe, and drape is the only thing that fits in your budget, but you’d be surprised at the affordable and still very creative options available. According to MPI’s Meetings Outlook Spring 2017, “Many meeting professionals are willing to make the investment in great AV because it brings a competitive edge to their meetings.”  Here are some things to keep in mind the next time you plan a business meeting where the goal is for attendees to leave with a strong understanding of the messaging throughout the event.

Scenic Tiles

You can modernize the stage look with scenic pieces. One option is to use small scenic tiles, three-dimensional panels approximately 2’ x 2’ in size, that connect together to frame the screen. Also, there are larger flat scenic pieces that can actually replace screens and drape and include printed logos or branding. Adding bright color with LED lights on scenic pieces creates a vibrant and neat look that also accents branding. Another option is to keep the stage look minimal but boost visuals with video.

Create a contemporary look with a large screen directly behind the stage and display slides and content in a PIP (picture-in-picture) on top of a static or moving background. If you’re adventurous, go beyond the rectangle of a traditional screen. Projection mapping, a video mapping technology, can turn anything into a display surface and provides you with an unconventional canvas.


Attendees will be impressed with any of these fresh looks and feel more engaged with the presenters. Some attendees may even take photos and selfies and post on social media about their experience. Making the stage look Instagram-worthy will further expand the meeting’s message. Gone are the days of large, bulky entertainment systems. Everything is slimming down – TVs, cellphones, even pants (I never imagined men would embrace skinny jeans, but it’s become the popular look).  As working environments are becoming more open and bright, the live platform for your message should reflect that. Collaborate with your AV partner to create a refreshing stage look that commands the attention of the audience.