Internet is available everywhere – it’s in your local coffee shop, the department store you shop in, the train you take home from work, and sometimes it’s even available on the sidewalks of the cities you walk through.

Internet is prolific and, at this point, a necessity in every aspect of our lives. So why is it so often such a headache to deal with at your live events? And why is the cost so expensive and varied venue to venue?

There’s no good answer to these questions. Internet shouldn’t be complicated because it isn’t complicated. Consider purchasing standalone internet options through your AV/technology supplier. These “plug-and-play” models convert data to WiFi for all of your attendees, with speeds that match or even exceed most venues, at a reasonable and consistent price, and can be carried in and out of an event space.

Next time you’re feeling stuck with the internet your venue is quoting you, remember, there is another option.