In these uncertain times, we know that your Annual Shareholder Meetings are more important than ever. Shareholder meetings are a time to ask important questions to key management members, review the past year’s performance, and update shareholders on future developments. With the current state of the world, it is crucial for company leaders and stakeholders to discuss key initiatives and the future state of the company. Below are some benefits of holding your shareholder’s meeting virtually as well as some key factors that make these virtual meetings a success.

Benefits of Virtual Shareholder’s Meeting:

  • Saves money and time for your company and shareholders
  • Ability to reach shareholders globally
  • Increase communication for shareholders and management
  • Capable of virtually recreating a safe, closed-door environment
  • Ability to vote through a virtual platform
  • Low environmental impact
  • Ability to record the meeting for archiving purposes
  • Ability to translate meetings in other languages

Key Success Factors:

  • Set up clear guidelines prior to and throughout the virtual meeting
  • Collect questions and topics of interest prior to the meeting
  • Create a plan for archiving recordings
  • Designate a Moderator to filter and deliver questions throughout the meeting
  • Designate time prior to the meeting to ensure stakeholders can access the platform without technical difficulties
  • Ensure all key security features are in place prior to the meeting
  • Provide a technical helpline for anyone that may need assistance during the meeting