AV trends for medical and life science meetings

In 2023 we’ve seen a growing demand for high-quality audio and video technology in corporate events. This is driven by the need to provide an immersive and engaging experience for attendees.

These are our top trends for our medical and life science meetings:

Engagement technology: interactive technology has become a crucial part of a successful Pharmaceutical Meeting. Presenters want to obtain real time results on polling questions to gage the attendees’ retention on information and their thoughts on a certain topic. It also makes it easier for attendees to ask questions without standing up in front of the room. With the use of a QR code, it is easier than ever for attendees to utilize their own devices to engage with the rooom, without even having to download an app.

High-Quality Video Conferencing: Improvements in conferencing technology opens the possibility of bringing in speakers and attendees from across the globe. This technology ensures that remote participants can fully engage with the event and feel like they are part of the experience.

3D Visualization and Animation: Medical and life science meetings often involve complex scientific concepts and the use of 3D visualization and animation can help to make these concepts more accessible to attendees. This technology can be used to create engaging and immersive experiences, such as virtual reality tours of the human body or molecular structures.

Consider these technology trends for your next meeting, and create a more engaging and immersive experience for attendees to drive engagement with your brand.