Successful meetings are vital to company growth in every professional service—financial, banking, legal, accounting, investment, insurance, training/development, and more. We can help you facilitate communication and education across every stakeholder of your organization, from partners to board members to advisors to staff. Our experience ranges across many meeting types, including:

  • Partner Retreats

  • Board Meetings

  • Product Fairs

  • Sales Meetings

  • National Conferences

  • Advisor Seminars

  • Management Team Meetings

  • Training and Professional Development

  • Recruiter Forums

Case Study: Impressive and Immersive

Reed Smith, a top 20 global law firm, challenged us to make 800 attendees in a hotel ballroom feel like they weren’t in a hotel ballroom during their two-day partner retreat.

We also knew from our 14-year relationship with the client that they would expect us to pull of something they haven’t done before.

Memorable Setup

The winning plan was to flank the seating area with two enormous 18’ by 130’ screens, providing an immersive and enclosed environment for the attendees. The irregular setup required a lot of logistical pre-planning. We meticulously diagrammed every aspect, such as calculating the best angle the screen should curve along compared to where the projectors/lenses needed to live.

Engaging Content

To fill the large screens, we worked with Reed Smith’s marketing department and a visual effects artist to turn the retreat’s central themes (strong relationships, collaboration, and forward thinking) into motion graphics. The content exhibited the company’s branding schemes and included motivational text, such as quotes from inspirational figures like Frederick Douglass, Steve Jobs, and Marie Curie.


The pre-planning paid off. The room structure had a big impact on attendees and the client loved it. The show ran without a hitch on-site.


Case Study: high quality and budget friendly

An international investment firm requested budget-friendly AV for their board meeting, without sacrificing quality.

Our account manager and on-site technical director made sure to meet the client’s high-caliber vision, implementing many quick-thinking additions and providing exceptional service toward everyone at the event.

Quick-Thinking Additions

During setup, we surveyed the room and made adjustments without having to be asked. For example, we identified that the light pouring in from the nearby glass doors would wash out the screen. We hopped over to a craft store and bought a large roll of paper that (a) blocked the light and (b) looked professional from the hallway as to not disrupt the hotel’s decor.

We then concentrated on creating a uniform appearance, fine-tuning details like matching all the power strips on top of the U-shaped table. We also swapped projectors to get a better color match on the PowerPoint slides and replaced a wrinkling screen with a new one.

Above & Beyond Service

We made a point to engage in continuous communication. We talked with each presenter and made sure they were comfortable and had everything they needed. We also asked the client a lot of questions every day to make sure we were on track.

We also learned that there was a bit of a disparity between some of the client’s expectations and the hotel’s delivery on them. We opted to act as a bridge between the two, listening to the client’s needs and then communicating with the hotel’s meeting concierge. It worked and made for a smooth event!


Truly understanding our client’s goals and expectations allowed us to anticipate issues and execute a great event.