In 2011, deep in the middle of the Great Recession, it was easy to see the impact the economic unrest had on the meetings and events industry. There were fewer meetings, less travel, budget cuts, and a seismic shift in the way organizations sourced their meeting spend. Planners got smart – really fast – and it was clear that they would never fully return to their old ways. Our founders, Mike Ruocco and Simo Sadik, believed that the industry needed a new and disruptive service that focused on customer centricity and lowered cost by embracing the new shared economy. They began planning for innoVia.

innoVia Productions opened its doors in February 2012 with two employees, one customer, a sound business plan, and a ton of passion.

Today, we’re recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry with more than a dozen full-time employees and 200+ trusted partners traveling the world to produce hundreds of meetings every year.

Mike and Simo, founders of innoVia

Mike and Simo, founders of innoVia


Meetings and events are critical to any organization. They convey messages, build brands, better company cultures, motivate customers, reward members, and so much more. Our employees take our values to heart: be innovativeconsistentcustomer centric, empathetic, and knowledgeable. We understand how important these events are to the planners we work with every day.

Empathy is a particularly treasured superpower at innoVia. We believe in long-lasting and authentic relationships, rooted in genuinely understanding our clients, their attendees, and their event goals.

We aim to make our clients proud of the meetings and events we help develop and strive to continue raising the bar for live production.

Green and Glocal Innovation

The client is center stage in our globally local - "glocal" - approach. We secure our audiovisual equipment and labor from strategically-partnered vendors all over the world, eliminating inventory and personnel overhead costs. We offer global reach via local resources.

We build solutions based on your event’s true needs, not on what ageing equipment needs to be moved from a warehouse shelf. Sourcing from multiple vendors gets you new and local gear that fits your show best.

Our technology is consistently priced between different cities, states, and even countries. The projector you get for your New York event is the same price as the projector you get for your Tokyo event.

We're doing our part to make the world a greener place. We don't ship, freight, or move gear from show to show. 

The Founders

Mike Ruocco  CEO, President

Mike Ruocco CEO, President

When I’m losing sleep over a tough decision, I think back to a baseball game I played as a kid. I unfortunately found myself at bat in the last inning, down by a run, two outs, and bases loaded. After two balls, my team was praying for a walk. The third pitch was high and outside. I could have gone for another ball but it was my favorite pitch to swing at. I swung as my coach yelled, “NO!” My bat made contact and crushed the ball through a gap in right field. My team cheered as I rounded the bases for the win and I learned a lesson I still practice today - always swing at your pitch.

Mike Ruocco is a twenty-two year event and hospitality industry pioneer recently earning MPI’s coveted CMM designation. Mike’s past leadership roles at PSAV and Marriott International focused on redesigning sales and management structures to develop a culture of customer centricity thus growing market share, brand loyalty, and employee satisfaction. The programs he implemented were targeted specifically for customer organizations desiring the benefits of a strategic meetings management program (SMMP).

Mike’s most recent endeavor has been the start-up of innoVia, a customer-first event technology design and fulfillment company. Mike is an active member of MPI, PCMA and CEMA.

Simo Sadik  Vice President, Technical Director

Simo Sadik Vice President, Technical Director

I’m very fortunate to do what I like with a talented team that cares. It truly makes the journey of serving our customers easy and enjoyable. We also have some amazing customers that make working with them feel like a walk in the park.

Simo Sadik earned a BA in Electronics and Computer Engineering shortly after moving to South Florida from Morocco in 1998. Simo’s passion for technology drew him into the live event and production industry where he has been successfully ensuring exceptional customer experiences for over twelve years.

In addition to his extensive experience as a video engineer, Simo has experience with today’s most sophisticated lighting and audio technologies. Simo also has a unique ability to keep a technical crew on schedule while making high-profile presenters, foreign dignitaries, and corporate executives feel at ease. Simo has traveled the world servicing the most demanding clients in the pharmaceutical, technology, and financial services industries.

He speaks three languages fluently (English, French, Arabic) and as an experienced world traveler, he easily adapts to any cultural situation at home or abroad.


Associates and Staff

Emily Scott  Strategic Account Manager

Emily Scott Strategic Account Manager

Leahe Knott  Director of Production

Leahe Knott Director of Production

I am an advocate for my clients. I understand all sides of production and what is required to ensure a successful program. As an account manager, I promote honest and open communication to further enhance my customer’s experience.
I love the collaborative challenge of managing events. Our team has a tremendous sense of community and this translates to show sites. Being productive while having fun at the same time is one of the reasons I love what I do.

Emily Scott began her career as an event planner for a large-scale event production company in Chicago. There, she learned her passion for converting creative ideas into reality. She transitioned into the hospitality world in 2012 when she joined PSAV as part of the sales team. She thrived in the ability to connect and relate with her clients as well as her hotel counterparts. She then advanced into Account Management and focused on building and strengthening relationships with key corporate accounts. Emily has a natural way of connecting and empathizing with her clients, which allows her to fully align herself with their goals.

Emily lives in downtown Chicago where she enjoys trying new restaurants and hibernating through the winter months.

Leahe Knott is a graduate from the University of Oklahoma’s School of Drama with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Lighting Design. Prior to graduation, Leahe participated in the esteemed Kennedy Arts Center Theatre Festival’s design competition where she placed second nationally for her lighting design. Through her excellent work in the competition, she was awarded an electrical fellowship with the nationally recognized Williamstown Theatre Festival. Her work continued to draw recognition leading to two prominent and highly sought after internships with the prestigious Cirque du Soliel production team and Trinity Shakespeare Festival.

In addition to her lighting design expertise, she continues to broaden her skill base by becoming certified as a Master Electrician, Programmer, and Drafting Expert.  In recent years, her focus has been primarily in the live events field, producing meeting and events in Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami. She is a brilliant industry professional with over a decade of valuable experience her field.

Zach Hopkins  Production Coordinator

Zach Hopkins Production Coordinator

Coming together with clients and coworkers to make an event happen is why I do the job. The trials, tribulations, successes, and accomplishments of any event are only stepping stones to achieving greater things, and I step hard!

Zach Hopkins graduated from MediaTech Institute in Irving with a degree in Recording Arts. He has been in the audiovisual industry for the past five years, working on shows and setting up live events in hotels throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He has earned Hyatt’s Purple Key twice, an award that represents recognition from a client for putting on an outstanding show. Zach’s “on the ground” experience has been a great benefit in his current Production Coordinator role, supporting innoVia’s on-site technical directors and account managers.

In his free time, Zach enjoys working on and riding his motorcycle around town with no destination in mind. He is also an avid professional wrestling enthusiast who never fails to catch a live event when it is in town and hopes one day to see events all around the world.

Josh Cinquemani  Program Coordinator

Josh Cinquemani Program Coordinator

There is no greater reward than seeing a big smile on a client whose expectations were completely surpassed.

Josh Cinquemani is a graduate from the University of North Texas, with a bachelor’s degree in Radio, Television and Film; specializing in Corporate Media, Documentary Film and Film Scoring. While in school, he was the head audio engineer for a sitcom on ntTV, co-produced a full-length documentary and produced the soundtracks for 3 short films.

In his off time he plays in a band and runs a small recording studio out of his home in Denton, TX. Now, with over 4 years of experience in the audio-visual world, Josh brings his creative energy and attention to detail to the team at innoVia.

Chris Lopez  Sr. Technical Director

Chris Lopez Sr. Technical Director

There is no such thing as a small show. Every event needs to be treated with highest level of attention and execution, regardless of budget or attendance.

With nearly 18 years of industry experience, Chris brings a multifaceted skillset with a highly technical background in event management, audio and video systems, 3D drafting and rendering.

Chris has worked with various clients in the technology, biotech/pharma, and financial markets, as well as live entertainment, theater and broadcast industries. Chris enjoys coaching his son's sports teams as well as composing and arranging music semi-professionally.

Kris Rogers  Technical Director

Kris Rogers Technical Director

The best leaders are those who can unselfishly serve others.

Kris Rogers graduated from Full Sail University with a bachelor’s degree in Entertainment Business, Arts, and Media Management. Kris has over a decade of experience in the audiovisual industry as a Technical Director and Production Manager. Before joining innoVia Productions, he worked as a Production Manager for Freeman Company where he was responsible for the production of large-scale meetings. Additionally, he was the Director of Media for his church for 5 years. Kris loves spending time with his wife and children and is an avid Marvel and Dallas Cowboys fan.

David Haselden  Technical Director

David Haselden Technical Director

I am passionate about delivering exceptional service. Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game.

David Haselden has a lifetime of involvement in the audio-visual world, having served as an Director of Event Technology and a program manager for the past 8 years.

David attended Bell State University in Indiana where he majored in Telecommunications and AV Production. A skilled business and technical expert, David is passionate about delivering exceptional service particularly in high-profile events.

Terri Furgeson  Operations Manager

Terri Furgeson Operations Manager

I get to interact with all aspects of innoVia from behind the scenes. It doesn’t matter if you are a client, a vendor, or a freelancer, I enjoy working to ensure the things you don’t see are taken care of. You may not know who I am, but I know you.

With over 23 years of experience in sales and marketing, Terri Furgeson believes that the key to success is customer service. Her focus is to listen and act on the voice of the customer, ensuring that the company provides the best supoort possible. Terri received the President's Value Excellence Award at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for her dedication to the customer. 

Throughout her career, Terri proactively sought to develop her strengths in building customer enthusiasm through marketing material, trade shows, customer engagement events, and workshops. While at PSAV, a global AV provider, Terri gained knowledge of the latest technology used to enhance events and engage audiences. Terri thrives in the fast-paced event marketing environment and looks forward to the exciting challenges ahead.

Fernando Trueba  Associate Creative Director

Fernando Trueba Associate Creative Director

Creativity is not tied to artistic skills solely. Someone can be creative in other facets of life like managing relationships, innovation, business and problem solving. Creativity is a skill we all possess, we just need to know in what ways we’re creative.

With 7 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Fernando Trueba has garnered a plethora of skills in both the technical and creative field. He has extensive knowledge in video production, audio engineering, video editing, and photography. Before joining innoVia, Fernando produced and filmed commercials and worked as a camera operator for world-renowned artists. He worked as an AV specialist at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, where he gained all the necessary skills to successfully run a show. He recently graduated with distinction from Kingston University London with a Master’s degree in Advertising and the Creative Economy, which has aided him in enhancing his strategies and empathetic approach to customer centricity.

Fernando is a musician, an avid traveler, and is passionate about learning new languages and about cultures around the world.

Making an Impact

We value making a positive contribution to the communities we serve! We're also particularly committed to the success of the event planning industry; we're always available to brainstorm a program idea or answer an audiovisual question, client or otherwise.

Our goal is to foster these behaviors in our company and employees:

Be a good neighbor.

We help out charitable organizations and community projects every month and encourage our employees to volunteer. 

Helping out at a nearby SPCA animal shelter.

Helping out at a nearby SPCA animal shelter.

Support good things.

We sponsor and produce shows for a number of non-profit organizations, from local groups to event industry associations.

Be a good colleague.

We're active members of many event and AV associations. We love attending chapter meetings and local get-togethers.

Having a great time at a PCMA Mix & Bowl.

Having a great time at a PCMA Mix & Bowl.

Sponsoring the annual SPIN conference.

Sponsoring the annual SPIN conference.


Connect with us

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