We partner with meeting planners every day to boost learning, foster engagement, and promote collaboration in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Investigator meetings, CRA training, study coordinator training, advisory boards, and more - you name it, we've done it!

Case Study: Pretty in Pink

The six-day annual meeting brought engagement to new heights with iPad integration. Attendees had constant access to important documents, speaker bios, and up-to-date schedules. They could also take notes and save slides during presentations using the iPad. We developed multiple motion graphics that were displayed on the 45-foot screen and professionally photographed the meeting.


Case Study: Cross-country Conference

A healthcare company’s national program showcased a revolutionary medical device designed to combat arrhythmia and stroke. Gold medalist Jackie Joyner-Kersee was the highlight, sharing her experience as the primary caregiver to her father who lives with this condition. We used a three-projector blend to seamlessly animate across multiple screens and used IMAG to project live video of the presenters on the side screens. We also filmed and edited a two-camera recording of the event. The conference was mimicked throughout the country in various cities for the national run of this event, a great feat accomplished by our large network of trusted suppliers.


Before & After

The life sciences meetings we produce all go through a similar process. First, we work with our meeting planners and research the venue in order to develop a detailed CAD drawing. We then create mock-ups, a graphic representation that brings the CAD drawing to life. We go back-and-forth with our meeting planners to make sure each component is perfect and then set up for the live show.