Designing a new space with technology in mind is a big challenge. Fortunately, our design team is able to create or transform any room into a fully functioning audio-visual and communication space. Whether that means transforming an old meeting room into a 4K video-conferencing facility or updating a current space with something more modern to fit your ever-evolving needs, we have the knowledge to create a solution that will help you further your business goals. To do that, we bring a holistic approach that incorporates our live- and virtual-event experience and a consultative mindset. Our guide though is always you, our customer, and your objectives.


Consulting & Design Services

Our team consults with customers and provides guidance in designing a solution that fits their unique needs. We understand each customer has different challenges and objectives, so we always start with “Why” before coming up with “What.”

Conference Rooms & Hybrid Solutions

With people working in a variety of locales, hybrid meetings are here to stay, and we have the expertise to help customers reimagine their conference rooms and workspaces for hybrid engagement. By bringing HD video and digital audio together, we enable in-person and remote participants to interact in real time. We are experienced with a wealth of video and audio applications that we can pair with the right hardware to seamlessly work within your space.

Systems Integration

wide-screen_services-innoviaWe are hardware agnostics with no bias toward particular brands or vendors. Thus, we work with the most suitable manufacturer to engineer the ideal system for your space and specifications within your budget.

  • Audio & Video Systems
  • Production Studios
  • Wide Displays Immersive Technology
  • LED Displays
  • Interactive Spaces
  • Digital Signage


NTT Data Services needed a partner in the USA to work with the NTT Japan team in advancing their proprietary Ultra Reality Viewing (URV) system and its continued development in the United States.


Ultra Reality Viewing (URV) is a technology that offers a unique viewing experience where people can enjoy watching sports in high definition with a high sense of presence.

innoVia was tasked with designing and installing a demo system for the technology at the new NTT Data Service facility in San Francisco. In this facility, a hub for showcasing NTT’s state-of-the-art developments, a specific space was allotted with a directive to design the best way to show off this cutting-edge experiential innovation.

So, we began our work by partnering with the client, architect, and engineers. We pored over drawings and worked directly with the team in Japan.

We came up with ideas and they came up with more ideas. We helped them as much as they helped us, and in that partnership, we were able to deliver a state-of-the-art installation on time and within budget despite COVID protocols and restrictions.

The key to success in this total project was the engagement and collaboration between our team and the customer in every stage of development from design to testing to completing the installation to coordinating and delivering on the showcase material. This is the innoVia way, making the customer and their needs the focus and working together to make everyone successful.


Another part of this project involved showcase events for advancing the development and implementation of the technology in the US. One of those showcase events was the Indianapolis 500, and it was here where our years of live-event experience came to the fore and proved invaluable as we had a relatively short time between receiving a request for help from the customer to race day. By capitalizing on that experience along with detailed preparation and an amazing crew, we were able to pull off a successful outcome capturing footage of the race from many different angles.

For more information on the Indy 500 experience, read our blog.