Security in the Age of Virtual Events

As the workforce becomes the work-from-home force, online security and privacy issues have become a more prevalent concern in everyday life. This extends to meetings and conferences that have transitioned from traditional in-person events to virtual meetings. Virtual solutions like Zoom and Vimeo open up possibilities in event design and allow the work-from-home force [...]

Virtual Shareholder Meetings Are Essential

In these uncertain times, we know that your Annual Shareholder Meetings are more important than ever. Shareholder meetings are a time to ask important questions to key management members, review the past year’s performance, and update shareholders on future developments. With the current state of the world, it is crucial for company leaders and [...]

Future-Proof Your Meetings Against Coronavirus

With what the World Health Organization has confirmed to be a public health emergency of international concern, the COVID-19, more commonly known as Coronavirus, has been affecting everything from the travel industry to the meetings industry. We've been hearing stories of meetings being postponed or flat-out canceled, as a result of this virus. Moreover, [...]

Personal Branding Tips for Meetings Planners

The word “branding” may seem a like a little bit of a buzzword given its popularity over the past decade. However, branding is something all companies, organizations and even individuals need to pay a lot of attention to. In the growing information age we currently live in, gone are the days of faceless companies and [...]

Understanding Audio

Managing an event’s audio plan and partnering with AV vendors is a regular part of every Meeting Planner’s job. So why not get to know the audio world a little more? This Understanding Audio series will help you better articulate exactly what equipment you want and comprehensively understand vendor quotes. Vetting Audio Vendors AudioVisual services [...]

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